In Rome With a Real Housewife – The Hotel Ponte Sisto

This review is long overdue but I wanted to review this great hotel near Trastevere, The Pantheon and Piazza Navona. We stayed last July after having to reschedule our postponed trip from the previous year, and the Ponte Sisto was gracious enough to allow us to use our prepaid deposit after a last minute cancellation. Some other hotels were not so accommodating.

We booked a two room suite (actually two separate rooms that shared a private common hallway). This was perfect for our family of 4 since we had a lot of privacy yet could open the interior doors to the rooms, I think the room numbers were 508 and 509. Our room had a very small balcony (oddly entered from the bathroom) and a nice view, while our sons’ room just had a window. Both rooms were very comfortable, the A/C worked great (we were there during a heat wave) and we made good use of the very big “mini” fridge to keep drinks cool. I loved the all marble bathrooms, ours was a reddish gold and our sons green…I can’t decide which was more beautiful.

We loved the location and walked to Trastevere for dinner…what a great spot. In fact, we walked everywhere in Rome from the Ponte Sisto, even the Vatican.

The staff was very accommodating, my husband had a craving for Granita di Caffe one afternoon and couldn’t find it, so when we returned to the hotel we asked the bartender if they made it. They didn’t, but he went out of his way to make it from scratch and it was much appreciated.

The breakfasts were the best we had on our trip, so many choices and great scrambled eggs and bacon. I like my scrambled eggs cooked really well and one morning they were barely cooked. I guess one of the waitresses noticed my disappointment when I looked at the eggs and asked if I needed anything. I told her I liked my eggs very well done and 3 minutes later she brought out a large dish cooked just the way I like them. Speaking of breakfast, the courtyard it’s served in is gorgeous.

The Ponte Sisto is a great little hotel in a great location with great service – you’re probably wondering about the real housewife, (well, besides me, only I’m not famous).  Every morning there was an attractive dimpled blonde at breakfast with her family, and every morning I kept looking at them trying to place where I knew them from – were they from town?  Had I worked with her?  Met at a party? Our last morning I complimented her dress and she told me she bought it at a shop near the Spanish Steps but we had no time, a car was coming to take us to the airport and they had a car taking them to go shopping.  We introduced ourselves by first names, and they said they were from California.  It wasn’t until we were in the car that I realized who they were… and not a camera in sight.

The only thing missing from the Ponte Sisto was a swimming pool, which is not easy to find in Rome but oh so desirable during the sometimes sweltering summers.

For that I would recommend the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, an oasis located within Rome’s most upscale residential area, between the green expanse of the Borghese gardens and the historical reminiscences of Valle Giulia and the Borghese Gallery, within walking distance from extraordinary venues as the Spanish Steps and Via Veneto. The Aldrovandi is a member of Leading Hotels of
the World.

Entrance to the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese

Swimming Pool at the Aldrovandi

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