Food, Wine & Travel.

For me, and I suspect many travelers, we travel not only to see new places and experience different cultures, but to taste new foods.

I got an email yesterday from my husband saying it was too hot to cook so what should we have for dinner, other than salad?  I thought back to one of the best things I’ve ever eaten….Panini!

Town in the Cinque Terre

We had landed in Milan, picked up a rental car and were on the Autostrada headed for the Cinque Terre when we stopped for gas and sustenance – imagine my surprise when I went into the service station and saw the most beautiful spread of fresh panini I have ever seen anywhere – at a gas station!  We were even more surprised at how delicious they were – fresh crusty bread,soft fresh mozzarella, thin salty prosciutto.  Yep, the best sandwich I ever ate was purchased on the side of the Autostrada while filling up.

I highly recommend purchasing a panini maker.  Just drizzle some olive oil on 2 slices of tuscan bread, layer sliced fresh mozzarella (the only kind I’ll buy), tomatoes, and a bit of pesto, stick it in the panini maker (I have a Calphalon panini pan and cover that goes on the stove) or put it on your grill outside and viola!  A delicious meal in minutes.  I added Arugula to mine and if you must have meat, a slice of proscuitto is also delicious.

My niece just returned from her honeymoon in Italy where she and her husband ate their way through Rome, Ischia and the Amalfi Coast, and in true Forzani fashion, took more photographs of food than of anything else.  She was on a quest for the best pasta a la Carbonara and I do believe she found it – you can read about it here in her blog.




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