Family Find in Florence – The Hotel Albani Florence

Booking hotels in Italy (or anywhere really), for a family can be a challenge, but I managed to scour out some read finds on our trip to Italy last year.  We have older kids who need their own beds and ideally their own rooms and bathrooms, so it can get expensive to book 2 rooms every night, and even though my kids are older, I love connecting rooms that allow family members to go into each others rooms (in our case, to wake up our sons umpteen times to get them moving in the morning), without going outside into a common hallway.

The Hotel Albani Florence fit the bill nicely. Our family of 4 booked a family suite (this is really more of an apartment, 2 separate rooms and 2 full bathrooms with a private common hallway). We got a great rate for the two rooms (booked as a family suite) as many hotels in Florence discount on Sunday & Monday nights.  BTW, there is a reason for this, and that is because many major museums are closed on Mondays – just be aware of this and plan accordingly, investigating what is open on Monday that’s on your bucket list and doing the major museums (the Uffizzi, the Accademia) on Sunday or Tuesday.  For a list of museums open on Monday check here

A great option for a Monday in Florence is a visit to the Mercato Centrale, specifically the stalls inside the San Lorenzo central market, in Via dell’Ariento you’ll find the best food market of the city. Walk in and discover. It opens every morning from 7.00 to 14.00, except for Sunday and public holidays.  This is fascinating and a whole lot more interesting than an endless string of museums for kids of all ages, including 2 middle-aged parents or college students whose eyes are beginning to gloss over with each subsequent viewing of a Botticelli.

And don’t forget the Duomo, the cathedral and crypt are open on Mondays (Baptistry is not – Duomo: Opening hours: Cathedral: daily 6:50am-7pm Roof: daily 7am-7pm Crypt: daily 9am-noon and 2:30-6pm Baptistery: Tue-Sun 10am-12 and 3-5pm), so you can easily fill the day with must-see sites and take advantage of lower hotel rates.

Now, back to the Hotel Albani, I don’t know why this hotel isn’t more popular, maybe that’s a good thing? We stayed during the heatwave last summer, the AC worked great, the rooms were beautifully furnished and decorated, mattresses very comfortable with down pillows, plush linens, the marble bathrooms large and luxurious and a nice breakfast in a lovely dining room. We loved the common areas and garden as well.

The Hotel Albani Florence is a Summit Hotel located one block from Santa Maria Novella train station.  All in all a great find and the perfect choice for families visiting Florence.

For more information or to book email me at;

More Photos of Florence and Pisa can be found HERE


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